The Design Process – building or renovating

Starting a building project can be a daunting process, we thought it would be useful to share the steps involved.

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1. Start building a vision of your ‘dream home’

Building a new home or starting a renovation is always exciting. You will have a bunch of ideas, and if you don’t, that’s ok, we have an experienced team who love coming up with designs for their clients.


It’s always worth creating an inspirational board on pinterest of houses you like. This will help you develop your ideas, and it will help us create a design that reflects your vision.


If you are confident with a pen, it might be worth drawing up a few sketches.

2. Discuss your new home ideas with the Maiden Built team

Whether you have a strong vision, or a rough idea, we will help you create a home that best meets the needs and wants of your family and lifestyle – all working to your budget.


Bring along your ideas, and together we will flesh out some basic concept plans.


We will also offer advice on how to make your house practical and functional, along with suggestions for materials, fixtures and features.


If you already have a set of plans we can work through these to ensure they meet your requirements.

3. Authority to start building your new home or renovation

If you are happy with how things are progressing, we can provide you with a fixed price contract for your consented plans.


We will create a Short Form Agreement, including your budget and requirements so we can start creating the designs, and pricing for the project.


If you already have existing plans, we are more than happy to review them, and price up the job.

4. Site Assessment and Soil Investigation to determine foundations

A site visit is an important step. We need to see how everything is placed, and make sure our design plans fit the space appropriately.


We also need to get a geotechnical engineer on site to check the soil and ground – which will determine how your new structure is built.

5. Prepare and present concept drawings

Now it’s time to start bringing your vision to life. Our aim is to not only create your dream home, but also to create a practical and functional home, specific to your site. This includes careful consideration of the following:

  • Views
  • Wind direction
  • Slopes
  • Sun angles
  • Privacy
  • Site constraints

Drawings will commence, and we will present concept drawings for you to review.

6. Finalise concepts

Once you are happy we will progress with elevations, and a variety of plans which are required for the build and consent process.


We will then submit your plans to the council for consent, and handle any issues that may arise in the consent process.

7. Time to start building!

Once your plans have been accepted, you can progress with the build.


Depending on your preference, we can be there every step of the way, start to finish. With one person being in charge, from your first meeting, to the handover of the keys.


Our Maiden Construction team can carry out the build, and we can provide project management support throughout the whole process. Or if you already have a builder sorted, we are more than happy to carry out the design stages.


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“Our earthquake rebuild was carried out by Maiden Construction and Brittany Thompson was assigned as our Designer and Project Manager along with Matt Gordon our builder. Brittany did an exceptional job at taking all the stress out of it for us. She helped with the design of the home, the colours and appliances and all aspects of building a new home. We are an older couple and found Brittany so lovely to work with and nothing was a problem for her.

Our new home is everything we wished for and more, and we can’t thank Brittany and Matt enough, and would recommend Maiden to anyone without hesitation.

Everyone who has seen through our new home has loved and admired it.”

– Dick and Marlene James


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